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Skin MD Seattle - #1 Aesthetician!

March 9, 2017


I had the pleasure of visiting Skin MD this year.


Some of the services I will cover include:


•           VanquishME  (Fat Removal + Skin Tightening)

•           Celutone       (Fat Removal + Skin Tightening)

•           Laser hair removal

•           Retinols for improvement of skin texture and skin tone


I did not feel anxious as I was listening to their music and learning about services while waiting in the lobby. I felt there was privacy due to scheduling efforts in keeping visits with as much buffer time as possible to avoid heavy foot traffic. Their reading material was informative and I loved seeing photographs of the results services may render.


I was shocked by my first VISIA skin scan, very few wrinkles of course, but spots everywhere!

The VISIA skin analysis provides you with an in depth scan of your facial skin health. They rate the health of your skin through percentages, from wrinkles, to red spots, brown spots, and discoloration. Also shows where future areas of trouble may arise for preventative care.


I was en route to a vacation and took Retinol creme with me for protection from sun damage. I came back with no new sun spots after our second scan. This made me feel confident in knowing what to get before summertime. I also learned we should use these year-round as UV A and B rays can cause damage on cloudy days. 


I also found a website online at http://www.shockwavetherapy.education/index.php/tutorials/cellulite



We then proceeded onto my first Vanquish. I was hydrated and ready to go. Although my small frame does not make me the strongest candidate for fat reduction, I was able to experience a full Vanquish treatment with limited absorption due to my small size. However, being as small as I am, I felt great. It was comfortable. I had zero side effects or discomfort. The Vanquish was followed by one more Cellutone for a perfect finish and I was out the door.


I also scheduled laser hair removal and am already enjoying a reduction of hairs! I love my new look! I feel smooth and lean! I have already lost half an inch around my waist and I haven’t changed my diet and exercise routine. This tells me that the fat reduction has worked and I now know what to do if I get any trouble spots in the future.





Hurry up and schedule your services! They are waiting for you!  




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