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Red Red Wine

November 17, 2016



There is a time and place for everything. Wine is an art that one refines with time and experience. At first it is just a red drink. If there is one thing we’ve done right as a race, it’s wine. Once we embrace this red drink, it becomes so much more than that, it becomes a lifestyle. Not just a red drink, but a mood like romance.


As a romantic, one falls for wine harder than any other lover of our past. Wine is there for you, to please you, to sooth you and to quench your thirst. Not just a thirst for drink, but to pause for a moment and enjoy life. The more you drink it, the more sensitive your taste buds become and you start enjoying the small things wine has to offer.


A good red wine will match your meal like a coat to shoes. It adds the hint of smoothness your food lacks and accentuates the positive notes. If paired wrongly, it cancels itself out and your food becomes bitter. Consider yourself warned, Cabernet Franc and chocolate cheesecake are not a wise mix!


I have entered my thirties in search for my favorite bottles of wine. So far, I’ve explored Washington State wine and am very happy to live in a state that appreciates the art of making good wine. I have discovered Ribbon Cliff Vineyard located in Orondo, WA. It is a hidden place but the grapes produce a delicate bottle you’ll never forget.


Ribbon Cliff Wine is made with Barbara, Sangiovese, Malbec, and Cabernet Franc grapes.  Each varietal has a unique taste. Some have award winning finishes such as their Gold Medal winning Malbec  and Silver Medal winning 2013 Cabernet Franc. The Malbec is as smooth as it gets, and the Blend more acidic but fruit forward. The Cab Franc is deep and flavorful. If you’re a lover of tannins, as you should be, their Cab is a great pick especially when eating hearty meals! Their 2013 Blend is fruit forward with hints of cherry and vanilla,  and more acidic than the first two. It is a popular choice in Seattle restaurants and vendors.


The last, 2012 Reserve Blend and Sangiovese, are ironically my favorites and they are the least highlighted in their events. The 2012 blend was harvested after Chelan fires and has a smokey finish. I pair it with cheese and start climbing that stairway to heaven. The Sangiovese is very similar to the smooth and fruity 2013 blend, but is pure Sangiovese grape which differs from the Barbara that makes up a large part of the 2013 blend.  There is no loosing when choosing Ribbon Cliff. They are all a delight!


If you are a perfectionist like myself, here are some ideas if pairing with meals:


Hearty meals with fatty meats or cheeses – Cab Franc, any of the Blends, and Sangiovese.


Appetizers and lighter meals with poultry or seafood – Malbec and Sangiovese


If you try this out yourself and want to add to this, please feel free! You can find Ribbon Cliff at your local QFC in Kirkland on Juanita. You can also order a case if you contact them at RibbonCliffVineyard.com!





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November 17, 2016

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