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Why VLS?

October 16, 2016

Marketing is a beautiful part of humanity, and we should celebrate our ability to continue this tradition. Global markets unite countries, despite cultural differences, for the sake of trade. Local markets add beauty to our city streets, and offer us experiences that are intimate and special.Trajan’s market was established in Rome in AD 100-110 and is said to be the world’s first market center. Markets and trading have been part of our history for thousands of years, from ancient Egypt, to Trajan’s Market, to London’s 13th century Borough Market, Turkey’s Grand Bazaar in the 15th century, and many more. They have stayed with us, and are now even virtual….. Marketplaces were centers of social activity, entertainment, and storytelling. They still are today and the traditional way of marketing is a trend that is evident in famous tourist centers like our Pike Place Market in Seattle. It is rich in history, built in a romantic style where one is surrounded by flowers, vegetables, fruits, colors, interesting aromas, and music. So why not continue the storytelling and gatherings our ancestors would do? Why not write about my story as a shopper and consumer of goods?


Overconsumption can derail us from staying present and mindful of the things we buy, foods we eat, and most importantly who we do business with. These items we mindlessly buy are meaningful to business owners, and they should be praised when created to perfection. This increased appreciation can help us become more mindful and conscious of who we spend our money on. I hope I can inspire you to stop and enjoy your life as a consumer a little bit more.What better way to compliment business owners who’ve created products that are unique than to write their story? I am happy to share my adventures with you and wish you happy outings as you explore your city’s shops, restaurants, cafes and such. Carry on!Oh and do tell! I would love to hear about your findings and treasures so that we can all become a funner market together. Au revior! – V





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